Thursday, February 28, 2008

IF Multiple

Here is my entry for this Illustration Friday's theme 'Multiple'. I drew the first thing that came to mind, which was a multiple birth, well not the actual birth of course - multiple motherhood - and very proud of her brood she is!!

.....and this is another drawing I did a while ago that I guess can also be to used for this week so I am posting it to see what people think..... if you have any comments - I love them - thanks.


Bee said...

Two great illustrations, I particularly like your clever and effective sketch of the 'evolving mouse'. (This could be part of a series 'prey to predator'!!) Really nicely done.

Nina Seven N7 said...

love the mom with all the babies! glad it's not me...two is enough!

lil kim said...

one happy family!

and one odd mousecat. how do they feel about being able to morph into their enemy/prey?!

Bahne13 said...

Cool :D
You are very talented.